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Twist Floating 1.5''

Twist Floating 1.5''

SKU: twist-floating-1-51421324811

Quantity in packing: 10 pieces

Passive bait. Larva

Powerful vibration! Is the main trump card of the Twist larva. Imitation of one of the species of roundworms gives realistic behavior in water.

The unique silicone formula puts Wist lures on a par with market leaders. Ukrainian ingredients provide an opportunity to buy silicone for every fisherman, regardless of status or income level. From now you have the opportunity to fish with high-quality silicone without spending too much money. Flavored with an attractive smell of fish crustacean larvae twist boost 1.5 do not leave indifferent any predator. Contains salt that mimics the taste of blood. Passive silicone larva works on active fish and more; it will also taste like peaceful fish.

Don't know what baits to choose? Order ready-made kits from Wist experts!

Follow the recommendations for the use of hooks and weights. Pay attention to the size and markings of the installation.

This is necessary for the bait to work properly.

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