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Ripper Boost 4''

Ripper Boost 4''

SKU: ripper-boost-4681566308

New, improved silicone formula, rich and refined color, improved softness. 

Quantity in packing: 4 pieces

Active bait. Shed

The geometry of the body, the shape, and the size of the piglet are all adjusted to the smallest detail. Nothing more, this concept was used to create the bait. The shape reveals itself best when mounted on a jig head, the wide body of the bait is securely fixed on the hook and attracts a variety of predators, and the tail remains free and its powerful vibration provokes the fish to attack. The unique silicone formula puts Wist lures on a par with market leaders. The Ukrainian ingredients give an opportunity to every fisherman to purchase silicone regardless of status or income. From now on you have the opportunity to fish with quality silicone without spending all your money. Soft silicone lures are attractive to predatory fish. Created from edible plastisol. Do not contain phthalates. Not harmful to the environment. Flavored with an attractive smell of crustaceans for fish. Contains salt that mimics the taste of blood. The 4-inch Ripper vibrating tail will not leave indifferent perch, pike, catfish, and pike perch. Works great on active predatory fish, it is a great choice for fishing.

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