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Foldable Fan Portable LED Solar Camping Lantern with Hook

Foldable Fan Portable LED Solar Camping Lantern with Hook

SKU: foldable-fan-portable-led-sola511551746

1. Four-speed wind speed adjustment, from weak wind to strong wind; two strong and weak white light modes + white and orange flashing warning light mode + orange light bug driven mode; output USB 5V to charge mobile phones and other suitable products.
2. It is suitable for outdoor tents, home desktops, automobiles and various occasions.
3. Front and rear net cover design, preventing children's fingers from entering.
4. High-strength ABS design.
5. It can be used for direct DC 5V charging or outdoor solar charging, which is convenient and multi-purpose.
6. Desktop and hanging multi-angle adjustment.
7. Standard USB charging cable.

Standard configuration: DC motor/four-speed wind speed level/four light modes/monocrystalline solar panel charging
Color: black
Material: ABS battery: with 18650 lithium battery 4000MAH
Charging method: solar panel charging, 5V USB charger can be used to charge
Size: about 140*115*140mm/5.51*4.53*5.51in
Rated voltage: 5V
Rated power: 4W (maximum)
Net weight: about 0.39Kg

Packing List:
Solar Camping Fan*1

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