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Bulk Shad T-Tail Soft Bait Fishing Lure (7cm -2G) - 20 Pack

Bulk Shad T-Tail Soft Bait Fishing Lure (7cm -2G) - 20 Pack

SKU: bulk-shad-t-tail-soft-bait-fis68143729

The "Factory 7cm 2g bulk shad artificial worm T tail fishing lure swim plastics soft baits" appears to be a fishing lure designed for attracting fish. Here's a general description of such a product:

Product Type: Fishing Lure

Size: 7cm (centimeters)

Weight: 2g (grams)

Color: Available in 1 color


  1. Design: This fishing lure is designed in the shape of a shad with a T-tail, making it resemble a small fish, which is a common prey for many predatory fish species.

  2. Versatility: Soft plastic baits like this one are versatile and can be used for various fishing techniques, including casting, trolling, or jigging.

  3. Attractant: The lifelike design, colors, and T-tail action of the lure are intended to attract fish by mimicking the movement and appearance of natural prey.

  4. Durable: Soft plastic lures are often durable and can withstand multiple uses without losing their effectiveness.

  5. Bulk Packaging: This product is available in bulk, which is convenient for anglers who want to stock up on lures for multiple fishing trips.

  6. Target Fish: Depending on the size and color of the lure, it can be used to target a variety of freshwater and saltwater fish species, including bass, trout, pike, walleye, and more.

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